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Reborn therapy is an integrative therapy company. We don’t just focus on athletes. We don’t just focus on injury. We create programs that integrate and align the physical body, lifestyle, and goals of each patient. We believe in a tailored approach to wellness, injury recovery and prevention. We believe in empowering people to live their healthiest lives. Feeling good in your body and mind is what the Reborn Life is all about.

Meet Amanda

As a front-line healthcare worker, Amanda is used to standing on the benches and sidelines as well as treating clinically. She is an educator and lecturer at the collegiate level and is a Registered Kinesiologist and Certified Athletic Therapist with a Masters in Rehabilitation Science. She has organized and lead medical teams at the North American Indigenous Games, the Ontario Summer Special Olympics as well as the Pan Am Games 2015. As a result of her success in this regard, she was honored to take on a similar leadership role with the Invictus games in September 2017.  Amanda has always had a passion for therapy, working with athletes (and weekend warriors) of all ages, from beginner to Olympians, from novice to professional athletes. Amanda has worked for Team Canada in their Field Hockey program and is looking forward to completing her certification in Yoga. She is also a facilitator of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map and integrates those teachings into her treatment and workshops.

MSc. Rehabilitation Sciences, McMaster University

Licensed Desire Map Facilitator

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What our clients and patients are saying about Reborn!

I’ve worked with Amanda for 5 years through numerous high-performance events and training programs. I have always felt in good hands under Amanda’s care and she has allowed me to perform at my best by her proactive and therapeutic approach to whole-body wellness.  She’s very personable, kind and gentle and makes you feel like more than just another patient.  She’s always been an integral part of every team that she works with. I have confidence and trust in her care.

Alison Lee

National Athlete, Field Hockey Canada

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda Halls in various settings. I’ve attended her workshops, observed her teaching practices, collaborated with her on projects, and even had her treat my 3rd degree ankle tear! In each of these, I’ve appreciated her enthusiasm, professionalism and the way she made me feel so comfortable and taken care of. I’m looking forward to all the goodies Reborn Therapy and Wellness have to offer!

Shauna Myton

Co-Creator , Purefemme Fitness & Founder of iWannaVfit

Personally, I don’t think I could have gotten through certain international competitions without her by my side; keeping my hips mobile and my nagging injuries under control so I could always perform my very best!! She is also INCREDIBLE at the mental wellness side of things, always reminding me to stay positive, which has a huge impact when it comes to performing and recovering from injuries. 

Angela Lancaster

National Athlete, Field Hockey Canada

I have worked alongside Amanda for the past 10 years. Amanda is a fantastic therapist who has worked with athletes of all levels, from recreationalists to Olympic and professional athletes. She treats everyone like a superstar and gets everyone back into action with a unique blend of active and manual therapies. I never hesitate to refer anyone to Amanda. 
Elwin Lau, R.Kin, CAT(C)

RKin., CAT(C) Medical Manager, Pan Am Games 2015, Invictus Games 2017, Venue Lead Commonwealth Games 2018

I will never forget the day I met Amanda in 2009 at Sheridan College. She was my Clinical Supervisor in the Athletic Therapy program in my final year. She could command a room without even speaking a word. Her presence was always welcoming, positive, bold but gentle. Amanda has been a mentor to me and a woman I look up to and respect. I had the opportunity to work with her at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. Amanda proved what an outstanding leader she can be. She helped organize and manage hundreds of therapists before, during and after the Games. She is also a great teacher and role model. Amanda is very driven and never stops learning. In the years I have known her, she has been involved with the union between the Athletic Therapist Association and College of Kinesiologists, Clinical Supervisor at Sheridan College, acquired a Masters Degree and is now completing her Yoga Teacher Training. She never stops amazing me and I will always look up to her and admire her passion.    

Candice Thomas

Athletic Therapist & Registered Massage Therapist, Owner of CMAT Therapy

Since meeting Amanda in the fall of 2013, she has treated me with exceptional professional care. I absolutely love her knowledge and compassion for both her treatments and athletes. She has not only contributed to the successful recovery of any minor or major injuries I’ve experienced but has also strengthened the mental part of my game. Her enthusiasm and dedication is truly inspiring and I’m so happy to have her a part of my playing career.

Kathryn Williams

Canadian National Indoor Field Hockey Goalkeeper

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