Happy July Friends!!

So long June…and a big F&*K You as well. Not necessarily the way you should start a blog post on gratitude but that’s where I’m at today and that’s why I KNOW I need to write this.

I am frustrated with the amount of things that happened in June. A lot (and I mean a LOT) of things that I have put hard work and effort into, lead to dead ends. Like dead, full stop, do not pass go…this door is closed. I still feel bewildered. There has been times in my life when one thing or another didn’t work out, but NOTHING actually worked out in so many avenues of my life. So what do you do when all the doors are closed? I own a company called “Reborn” but sometimes I am tired of doing this. I am tired of putting in so much effort only to have those ideas stolen, the benefits going to someone else, or no recognition of the work that was done. It’s exhausting. But here’s the thing: it’s also LIFE.

I can be a whiny bitch sometimes. I mean, we all can. I am not here to tell you not to whine when the going gets tough. I have whined, and complained and “why me’ed”. It does feel good for a minute. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. That’s why we all do it. The problem is that feeling is short lived. And you are no further ahead. So you try it again, but you don’t get the same relief. You try again, and people stop listening and your life becomes non-stop complaints.

I am just not willing to do that anymore. So now what? I entered a contest a while back by @kindnesswarrior I won!!! Yippee. What did I win?? The Five-Minute Journal. This couldn’t come at a better time. I didn’t want to go into July feeling lost and aimless. It’s my birthday month for crying out loud! As you may know, I focus on my Core Desired Feelings and I feel like stating and ending my day with some gratitude may be the way to go.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t really journal. I use a great day planner from Danielle Laporte that helps me everyday, but I haven’t been using it as much because I haven’t been at work. Why though, do I not have a planner packed full of goodness just for me? Why would I only use this for work? That NEEDS to change. There needs to be more me in MY day planner and less stuff for other people.

When I look back at my tumultuous June, I think how many of those things I wanted to accomplish were actually for me. Not very many. How many things did I want to get done or participate in that were about other people? Quite a bit. I don’t want to overthink why those doors closed. I just know moving forward, I need to accept where I am in every area of my life. It just IS right now. The more I look to change or complain, the less present I can be.

Here’s to practicing a new attitude of gratitude. I will let you know how it all turns out. I just know no matter how bad I feel right now, I am thankful that my child isn’t stuck in a cave in Thailand right now. Things can always be worse, and when they are, there is ALWAYS something you can be grateful for to shift your thinking and change your day!

Namaste Friends,

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