It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I actually say that so much:) I debated over writing a New Year post. There are so many “resolution” posts out there and I didn’t want to add to a list of broken promises. I wanted to wait for some inspiration. I knew after completing my Desire Map that I had changed a few of my Core Desired Feelings. I added liberated and nourished. These two words represent feelings that I knew I craved in my life: feelings that were missing. I wanted to focus on them so I can act in ways that will bring these two feelings into my life. At the start of the year, I was still working on exactly how to do that.

Then I saw a post from Nourishing Change about a Winter retreat they were hosting. Full disclosure: Chef Joshna has been a friend of mine for a long time. She truthfully believed that my participation in this event would help me with some of the “blocks” I was facing. After hearing and learning more about the retreat (and trusting my friend) I decided to go. I mean, it had one of my Core Desired Feelings right in the title.

I didn’t know what to expect driving through a Winter blizzard on my way to Cedar Healing Arts Centre for this retreat. When I got there I was tense from the 3 hour drive in the snow, I was tired from a long week at work. I was cold. As I walked up to the door, I could smell the delicious waft of home cooking. As I was welcomed in by TCM practitioner Angela Warburtin, the sights of the centre and smells of Chef Joshan’s cooking enveloped me in warmth. I was more than excited to come in from the cold.

Over the next few days I learned how to help my body work with the season of Winter as opposed to against it. I ate and drank nourishing food that is meant to work with my body and the season. I also got a chance to move my body through Yin Yoga with Sonja (the owner of the centre), as well as Winter activities that brought me closer to nature (hello snowshoeing!).

Many people have asked me about the retreat and it has been hard to express exactly what I got from it. I believe we spend a great deal of time working against what feels natural to us. Inherently, we know that working crazy hours, or pushing our bodies too hard doesn’t feel natural at this time of year. I have spent a huge amount of time working against myself. I haven’t always listened to my intuition. I have pushed when I should have waited. This winter retreat and the lessons learned taught me how to listen to my body and intuition. There is a reason why your body fights back. There is wisdom in those traditional Chinese teachings.

Why are we so against listening to our bodies, our intuition, our feelings? I believe we have lost that contact and connection to ourselves. It makes a huge difference to be reminded of that connection and relationship. When people ask me what I got from the Nourishing Change Winter retreat I can say that I got back my relationship to myself. I can say I was reminded of how important that relationship is.

If you can tap into your feelings and live from a place that honors those feelings (whether they are physical or mental) I believe you can access “happiness”. Instead of making a resolution from a place of punishment and restriction, why not make one from a place of self-love and nourishment? I know it has worked for me.

I am excited for my friends from Nourishing Change. I loved my time at Cedar Healing Arts centre and I’m excited to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to live with the seasons. I’m excited for ‘Spring’! If you are interested in learning more about Nourishing Change and their wonderful retreats you can find that info here:

For more info about Cedar Healing Arts Centre and their wonderful programming, check out their site here:

Namaste and enjoy the snow day:)


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